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A Short Description of HUB Ocean

The Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution Ocean Technology (HUB Ocean) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to liberating data for one healthy ocean. HUB Ocean combines the strength of Norway’s history of responsible ocean management and the industrial experience and agility of Aker with the World Economic Forum and Friends of Ocean Action’s leadership as international entities for public-private cooperation to develop ocean governance frameworks. The HUB Ocean is home to ideas and digital tools that will disrupt how ocean data are used by businesses, governments, scientists, and conservation organisations to achieve a healthy and productive ocean. At the heart of the foundation is the Ocean Data Platform (ODP). ODP offers powerful solutions for uploading, aggregating and navigating vast amounts of ocean data by liberating and contextualising the data. Furthermore, it offers a community portal and powerful solutions for visualising data in 2D, 3D and 4D, as well as a robust infrastructure for running data-smart solutions using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The data are drawn from a variety of sources including traditional open institutional ocean data as well as data from industry, independent scientists, and even private citizens.

ODP are built around the Cognite Data Fusion technology that comes from Cognite, the fastest growing software company in Northern Europe since 2016. The ODP is being built intentionally to meet the needs of those who demand more and better ocean data – specifically app and tool builders. By being the best and most trusted source of ocean data, we want to empower others to create new knowledge and find new ways of unleashing the power of ocean data. The HUB Ocean will be a hub for ideas about how to measure the ocean and how to use these data in new and innovative waves. Using the data freely shared within the HUB Ocean, users will be able to develop and share ideas, code, comments, and criticism - creating a social ecosystem of individuals and organisations sharing information about the ocean. Through access to data and a wide set of perspectives, the HUB Ocean will help governments, non-profit organisations, corporations and private citizens to make data-driven decisions to address and reverse the decline of the ocean biosphere.

Role In Project

The main role and tasks allocated to HUB Ocean in Iliad

HUB Ocean will be responsible for supporting Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO) Data representations and to extend the current data ingestion pipeline to connect to the Iliad data acquisition services – and to provide the Ocean Data Platform services for a Digital Twin of the Ocean with the ability to contextualise and fuse data from any ocean data and service providers. For these activities HUB Ocean is in particular involved in related tasks in WP1, WP2 and WP4 and WP6


HUB Ocean

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Work Packages

WP1 | Co-designing the Digital Twins of the Oceans

WP2 | Data Acquisition from Pilots/Collection of Existing Databases

WP4 | Iliad DTO – Ocean Interoperability Data Space

WP6 | User XP and UI Design, Dashboard and Immersive Visualisation

WP7 | Demonstration and impact assessment of Iliad pilots

WP9 | Technology Transfer and Business Development

WP10 | Stakeholder Engagement and Capacity Building

WP11 | Outreach, Communication and Dissemination

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