Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Contact: Alaitz Zabala Torres

A Short Description of UAB

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona was founded in 1968 and since 2009 is recognised as a campus of international excellence by the Ministries for Education (MEC) and for Science and Innovation (MICINN) of the Spanish Government. In 2018 (the year the UAB turned 50 years), UAB was in the 12th position worldwide, the 5th at European level, and the 2nd Spanish university in the ranking QS Top 50 under 50 that classifies Top 50 universities of the world younger than 50 years old. For 2023, UAB is in the 178th position worldwide and the 1st Spanish University.

In the Geography Department of the UAB, GRUMETS research group aims to propose new algorithms, methodologies and operational tools for Remote Sensing (RS), Cartography, land dynamics, agriculture and water management through RS applications. The group has broad experience in image processing of remote sensors and researching RS methods and big data management with images of low, medium and high spatial resolution from both satellite and airborne sensors. Moreover, the group has broad experience in standardization, metadata and user-feedback documentation. Grumets is a member of the Copernicus Academy network since 2019. The members of the research group have published hundreds of scientific papers, participated in more than a hundred research projects and contracts, and obtained several national and international awards. Previous experience of the group matches the tasks in the proposal about community feedback mechanism, remote sensing methods, data and metadata standards, desktop big data tools development (www.miramon.cat) and link to communities and users.

Role In Project

The main role and tasks allocated to UAB in Iliad

UAB will contribute to three different WPs in Iliad: On one side, it will contribute to increasing interoperability in Citizen Science in WP3 (mainly task 3.4). Moreover, UAB will contribute in WP4 to tasks 4.2 and 4.3 by creating best practices about geospatial user feedback (GUF) used to create knowledge and by developing GUF connectors to be included as new functionalities in different platform and interfaces. Finally UAB will support WP6 (task 6.2) in developing the extension of NiMMbus user feedback system to store quality indicators (positional, temporal and attribute accuracy, completeness) based on the ISO 19157 and QualityML, additional lineage steps or usage reports including reproducible knowledge.


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Calle Campus Universitario SN Cerdanyola V

Cerdanyola del Valles


Work Packages

WP3 | Citizen Engagement & integration of data from citizen science

WP4 | Iliad DTO – Ocean Interoperability Data Space

WP6 | User XP and UI Design, Dashboard and Immersive Visualisation

WP8 | Policy Impact Facility

WP11 | Outreach, Communication and Dissemination

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