Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza

Contact: Davide Astiaso Garcia

A Short Description of the Sapienza

Sapienza University of Rome (UNIROMA1), which was founded in 1303 in Rome, is one of the oldest universities in the world and one of the top performer in international university rankings. The research unit involved in the proposal is within the Interdepartmental Centre for Territory, Housing, Heritage and Environment (CITERA).

CITERA is composed of 6 Departments of the Sapienza University of Rome and about 40 professors from different disciplines. It has extensive experience in participating in and in coordinating EU funded projects in programmes such as H2020, INTERREG, ENICBCMED, etc. With academic staff from a range of disciplines, together with a highly experienced administration, CITERA combines a breadth of technical expertise with a high level of project management competence.

The members of the research unit have an extensive experience in terms of technology, energy planning and smart energy systems; particular expertise has been proved in marine environment and insular context thanks to previous and ongoing national and international projects dealing with multi technology renewable energy assessment with focus on machine learning. Furthermore, the research team has experience in network studies related to planning, design, operation and protection of integrated and smart energy systems, as well as in developing simulation models for static and dynamic studies related to the integration of distributed generation, demand response and multi-vector storage systems.

Role In Project

The main tasks allocated to Sapienza in Iliad

Sapienza CITERA will offer its expertise in both in the development of the digital twin technologies and renewable energy ones (offshore wind, wave and tidal energy, floating pv). Sapienza is taking part to all the Work Packages of Iliad project with a strong commitment in the Data acquisition (WP2), Analytics (WP5), its Policy Impact (WP8) and Capacity Building and Training (WP10). Sapienza is actively involved in training activities and transferring knowledge through the Dissemination tasks (WP11) starting from its strong scientific background in the field provided to the Iliad project in the Baseline Studies (WP1) and in Large Pilots (WP7) where interacting with blue economy stakeholders as well.


Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza

Piazzale Aldo Moro 5



Work Packages

WP1 | Co-designing the Digital Twins of the Oceans

WP2 | Data Acquisition from Pilots/Collection of Existing Databases

WP3 | Citizen Engagement & integration of data from citizen science

WP4 | Iliad DTO – Ocean Interoperability Data Space

WP5 | DTO Modeling and Analytics services

WP6 | User XP and UI Design, Dashboard and Immersive Visualisation

WP7 | Demonstration and impact assessment of Iliad pilots

WP8 | Policy Impact Facility

WP9 | Technology Transfer and Business Development

WP10 | Stakeholder Engagement and Capacity Building

WP11 | Outreach, Communication and Dissemination

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