Terrasigna SRL

Contact: Sorin Constantin

A Short Description of Terra Signa

TERRASIGNA is a well-established leading Romanian provider of customized Geo-Information services. Along the years, TERRASIGNA has developed strong expertise in fields such as: Earth Observation (EO) with focus on COPERNICUS/GMES core and downstream services, Data Mining and satellite image time series (SITS) processing, Data Fusion, Process and system modelling and simulation, Information processing for communication and understanding. TERRASIGNA has developed in-house algorithms and procedures in the field of data mining in satellite imagery and operational services. The company offers innovative and efficient solutions for: Environmental monitoring, with specific focus on inland and coastal water quality monitoring; Risk assessment (flood risk analysis, drought early warning, deforestation evaluation etc.); Regional development and Agriculture. TERRASIGNA is a leading actor in the field of Earth Observation, Thematic Exploitation Platforms (TEPs), data processing and analysis, services definition and provision. TERRASIGNA clients include entities such as: European Space Agency, German Aerospace Centre (DLR), World Bank, NASA, Inter-American Development Bank, public institutions, private companies, etc. The company was established in 2007 and has 22 employees. The project team is subordinated to the Managing Director and includes members in the Technical Department and the Consultancy and Business Development Department.

Related to the current proposal, TERRASIGNA has experience in scientific exploitation of remote sensing information for detailed analysis of complex air quality and forest systems. Processing of optical information for the retrieval of air quality parameters is one of the core activities. The company has also an important experience in developing desktop and web applications for geospatial data (satellite images, maps, surveys, digitized content) management. TERRASIGNA is highly experienced in offering personalized solutions, according to specific users’ needs.

Role In Project

The main role and tasks allocated to Terra Signa in Iliad

  • Satellite remote sensing data processing; provision of Earth Observation added-value products (e.g. algal blooms alerts) – WP2

  • Contributions to the development and refinement of models for the aquaculture and fisheries sectors; - WP7

  • Definition and implementation of services tailored for the blue economy in the Black Sea, based on complex indicators of marine environmental status. WP 6

  • User requirements from Romanian stakeholders involved in Blue Economy – WP 1


Terrasigna SRL

Strada Cozla 6 BL A8 SC ET 1 AP 21

Sector 3



Work Packages

WP1 | Co-designing the Digital Twins of the Oceans

WP2 | Data Acquisition from Pilots/Collection of Existing Databases

WP9 | Technology Transfer and Business Development

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