Eco Wave Power Ltd

Contact: Yair Rudick

A Short Description of EWPG

Eco Wave Power is an innovative Swedish-Israeli energy company, which has developed, demonstrated, and patented a reliable and cost-effective technology for the conversion of ocean and sea waves into clean electricity. The company’s mission is to assist the fight against climate change by enabling commercial power production from the waves. Eco Wave Power’s shares (ECOWVE) are traded on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, since July 2019. As a wave energy company, EWP has a natural match with the Sustainable and Innovative Renewables Offshore Technologies Towards Large Scale Deployment project, allowing the consortium to demonstrate wave energy as a viable source of renewable energy which can be effectively deployed offshore at commercial scales.

Role In Project

The main role and tasks allocated to EWPG in Iliad

Will play an important role in pilot applications related to wave energy.


Eco Wave Power Ltd

16 Homa U'Midgal st.

Tel Aviv


Work Packages

WP1 | Co-designing the Digital Twins of the Oceans

WP5 | DTO Modeling and Analytics services

WP9 | Technology Transfer and Business Development

WP11 | Outreach, Communication and Dissemination

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