Agora Partners

Contact: Simon van Dam

A Short Description of the Agora

Agora Partners specialises in managing large public funded projects. The company has considerable experience in coordinating, supervising and managing R&D and other large scale publicly funded projects for universities, research institutions and public and private companies. It typically provides the financial management, contract management, liaison with the European Commission, IPR management and Dissemination & Visibility activities of such projects.

Role In Project

The main tasks allocated to Agora in Iliad

As experts in managing large international research projects, Agora will contribute significantly to the Project Management and take responsibility for assuring all scientific and research deliverables, milestones and reports are met in timely fashion. As part of the Project Executive, and supporting the Coordinator, Mr. Simon van Dam of Agora will function as the Administrative Manager. Agora’s additional main roles are Innovation Management, Exploitation & Business Planning to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project and the Communication, Visibility and Dissemination of the results of the project.


Agora Partners

HaMa'apilim Street 17/3



Work Packages

WP9 | Technology Transfer and Business Development

WP10 | Stakeholder Engagement and Capacity Building

WP11 | Outreach, Communication and Dissemination

WP12 | Project Management

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