The Iliad Digital Twins of the Ocean Summer School 2023

Marine Observatory of Al Hoceima, Morocco
Location: Marine Observatory of Al Hoceima, Morocco
Start: Sunday September 3rd, 2023
End: Sunday September 10th, 2023

"Innovative Tools and Applications for a sustainable Blue Economy"

The Iliad Digital Twins of the Ocean Summer School 2023: "Innovative Tools and Applications for a sustainable Blue Economy" will take place 3-10 September 2023 at the Marine Observatory of Al Hoceima, Morocco.

The course is aimed at graduate (Masters/PhD) students, and early career scientists in the fields of Marine ecology, Oceanography, Environmental monitoring, Remote sensing, Marine/Oceanic engineering, Data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Key topic areas are:

Data acquisition, processing and management: Learn about the data life cycle, the different types of data that goes into a digital twin of the ocean and how to make them interoperable.

Numerical modelling: Ocean modelling with heterogeneous data, diverse tools for ocean data modelling

The tools needed to create a digital twin of the ocean: Introduction to some of the frequently used tools along the value chain of digital twins of the ocean. OGC standards, Python, Docker, other.

ICT technology (use of platforms, AI, Machine learning): Iliad uses a variety of platforms, including NextGEOSS, Global Ocean Platform, GeoMachine.

The Iliad summer school has lecturers from Alseamar, Ocean Best Practices, Hidromod, INESCTEC, SeaGust, BLB, OGC, Blue Lobster IT Ltd and more.

About the Iliad Summer School

The Summer School will be held on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, at Al Hoceima National Park, 290 km East of Tangiers, between 3-10 September 2023. Lectures will be provided by high profile professionals in the fields of Oceanography, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Combined with lectures, there will be field trips to a) the marine nature reserve of the Al Hoceima National Park, and to b) a mussel farm on the edge of the Al Hoceima National Park Marine Reserve, to train the participants on the use of innovative technologies for marine data acquisition and processing. The summer school will also host competitions and a hackathon and will cap off with an awards ceremony and a farewell party.


You can register for the summer school by sending an email with CV (Europass format preferred) and personalised statement of motivation for attending the course to Please note that AI generated applications will automatically be rejected.


Thursday 20th July 13:00 CEST.

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